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About Us

MEKITSA is a byword for a new generation of floor and exterior cushions in the nonstandard form of something comfy - mekitsa.
MEKITSA is what all people love – kids, teenagers, parents, bachelors and couples.

MEKITSA is something to keep away from your pet. Not because they can tear it apart, but because they will definitely take it away from you. 

MEKITSA for everyone! MEKITSA for everywhere!

At MEKITSA, we don't judge people. We give them high-quality comfort and let them show what they really want to do on the ground, from their heart. We don't tell them how it is used and we don't look at them strangely outside when they want to sit or even lie down on a soft surface without getting dirty and wet.

 There are no rules with MEKITSA.
 At MEKITSA, we understand people, so we created something simple, affordable, beautiful, and durable. 

MEKITSA brings the joy of relaxation and play!


- don't eat in bed, don't eat on the floor, don't eat on this - you'll mess it
 - don't lie on the ground, you'll catch a cold
 - don't scatter your toys on the floor, I can't pick them up
 - you can't sleep with your dog, who will clean their hairs


Life with no limitations is here.